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Effect of jujube

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Effect of jujube

Effect of jujube

Effect of jujube


1, date can improve human immunity, and can inhibit cancer cells: pharmacological studies have found that red dates can promote the formation of white blood cells, lower serum cholesterol, increase serum albumin, protect the liver, red dates also contain inhibition of cancer cells, and even can make cancer The substance that cells transform into normal cells.

2. People who regularly eat fresh dates rarely suffer from gallstones. This is because the rich vitamin C in fresh dates causes the excess cholesterol in the body to turn into bile acids, with less cholesterol, and the probability of stone formation is reduced.

3, jujube is rich in calcium and iron, has an important role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, postpartum anemia, osteoporosis in the elderly often menopause, is the peak of growth and development of adolescents and women prone to anemia, jujube will have for them The ideal therapeutic effect is usually unmatched by drugs.

4, people who are physically weak after the illness also have a good nourishing effect.

5, jujube contains rutin, can make blood vessels soften, thereby reducing blood pressure, prevention and treatment of hypertension.

6, anti-allergic, in addition to stench, strange taste, Ningxinshen, puzzle brain, enhance appetite.

7, there is a good increase muscle strength, eliminate fatigue, dilate blood vessels, increase myocardial contractility, improve myocardial nutrition.

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