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Jujube food taboo

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Jujube food taboo

Jujube food taboo

1, should not be consumed with vitamins at the same time. Jujube inside itself is rich in vitamins, can break down vitamin K, thereby reducing the therapeutic effect of vitamins.

2, it is best not to use boiling water. Because the temperature exceeds 80 ℃, jujube inside the vitamin C is destroyed. Wash with water, raw food is the most nutritious, adhere to eat 5 to 8 red dates a day, very beneficial to the body.

3, rotten spoiled do not eat. After jujube decay, it will help the microbes multiply in their body. At the same time decay jujube can decompose formaldehyde and methanol and other substances. After eating this material, the light can cause dizziness, eye damage; weight is even more life-threatening.

4, jujube eat more up gas, if pregnant women have bloating phenomenon do not eat dates, and if you only drink jujube soup does not matter.

5, eating dates, do not eat high-protein foods immediately. Do not immediately eat high protein foods such as seafood and dairy products after eating jujube. Because vitamin C will make these two kinds of food protein coagulation block is not easy to absorb, so to eat jujube 1 to 2 hours after eating high protein foods.

6, should not be eaten with animal liver at the same time. The animal's liver is rich in copper, iron and other elements, copper and iron ions can easily make the jujube contained in the vitamins and lose their effectiveness.

7, serving bitter stomach stomach medicine and medicine should not be consumed. Bitterness and drive wind stomach medicine is to rely on the bitterness of drugs to stimulate taste organs, reflexively increase the excitability of food to the center to help digestion and increase appetite. If you take the above drugs with jujube, then significantly affect the efficacy of the drug.

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