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Jujube soaked in water to drink the taboo

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Jujube soaked in water to drink the taboo

Jujube soaked in water to drink the taboo

1, use jujube tonic is not suitable for all girls friends. As in the menstrual period, some girls often appear signs of swollen or swollen feet, it is the manifestation of wet weight, this group of people not comfortable to eat red dates. This is because, jujube sweet, easy to eat more easily lead to phlegm wet accumulation of water in the body, while exacerbating the symptoms of edema. At the same time, there are to take the jujube tonic and belong to the constitution hot girl, nor comfortable to take during menstruation, because it may lead to excessive menstrual blood dangerous body health.

2, although the jujube nourishment to share, but more than limited consumption is harmful. Because fresh red jujube eating too much, easy to produce diarrhea and will be dangerous "spleen", therefore, because of exogenous wind-induced cold, fever and abdominal distention, are attributable to avoid serving the crowd. In addition, because jujube sugar is rich, especially made of snack dates, uncomfortable diabetic patients with tonic to avoid increased blood sugar, prompting the deterioration of the disease. In addition to drinking taboos, eating should also be emphasized: boiled food is a wise move, because this will not change the efficacy of tonic, but also to avoid eaten raw caused diarrhea.

3, do not buy dates to the nuclear jujube, there are two reasons. First, do not know how to go nuclear, and second, many jujube nutrition will flow out.

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