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Nutritional value of walnut

Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
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Nutritional value of walnut

Nutritional value of walnut

1. walnut is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, often eat walnuts, not only will not increase blood sugar, but also reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, suitable for high blood lipids, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients eat, walnut contains a lot of fat, Runchang, treatment of constipation, weight loss can make people lose weight.

2. walnut fatty acids as long as linoleic acid, he is the body's essential fatty acids, is the body's ideal skin beauty agent.

3. walnut is rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, can cell aging, have brain, enhance memory and anti-aging effect.

4. walnut contains linoleic acid and calcium, phosphorus, iron, is the body's ideal skin beauty agent, regular consumption of moisturizing skin, black hair hair, and with the prevention of hair prematurely white and off the function.

5. walnut also contains a variety of trace elements needed by the human body, is an important adjuvant of proprietary Chinese medicines, with Shunqi blood, cough and phlegm, lungs and kidney and other functions. When you feel tired, chew some walnuts, have to relieve fatigue and stress.

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