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Pay attention to the pruning of the walnut trees in winter

Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
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Pay attention to the pruning of the walnut trees in winter

Pay attention to the pruning of the walnut trees in winter

The walnut tree is suitable for tree: at present high quality, precocious, thin skin walnut mainly USES small crown to be thin layer shape, open heart, spindle shape three kinds of tree. High water condition good, soil layer thick, or growth potential strong breed, the plant density is small, can use the small crown to be in the shape or the spindle shape, conversely can choose to open heart or improve open heart.


1. Trim the young trees. Nutrition exuberant trees of sapling stage, rapid growth, the topmost canopy expanded year by year, the trim should pay attention to cultivating backbone, leave a good major branch, retain auxiliary branch, timely and thinning, water sprout, thin branches, densely crowded branches in the canopy for fruit.

2. Promote the formation of fruit-bearing branches. Erect long branches, flattening and releasing, easing the growth of branches, promoting the formation of fruit-bearing branches.

3. Increase the number of branches and cultivate fruits. Increasing the number of branches in a short-cut method; In order to give priority to the method of slow release, the sides of the lateral branch are cultivated in large and medium-sized fruit-bearing branches. When cutting branches, the remaining branches should be short, so as to prevent the branches from leaving the bald area; The old fruit should be retracted in time; To use the branches of the dormant bud, to renew the crown.

4. Improve the light in the canopy. For the growth of dense branches, overlapping branches and coronal peripheral growth, the branches and branches of the growth of the coronal growth of the crown are appropriately retracted or dehydrophobic.

5. Trim your back and lower your back. When the main branch of the back is lengthened, the main branch should be higher than the lateral branch, the main branch is stronger than the lateral branch; The lower branches should generally be removed in time.

6. Control the back and droop of the branches. Walnut branch Angle opening; The growth of the back branches and drooping branches and the growth of the branches and the two branches of the back are competitive nutrition. Therefore, it is necessary to control the branches and droop to avoid the appearance of the results.

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