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The Effect and Function of Walnut

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Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
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The Effect and Function of Walnut

The Effect and Function of Walnut

1. Walnut called anti-oxidation of the "king"

American Diet Association recommends that people eat two or three times a week walnut, especially in the elderly and menopausal women, because the walnut contains arginine, oleic acid, antioxidants and other protection of cardiovascular, prevention of coronary heart disease, Stroke, Alzheimer's disease is quite helpful. Do not eat too much, otherwise it will affect the digestion.

2. Eat walnuts make up the brain

Walnut contains trace elements zinc and manganese is an important component of the pituitary gland, often eat walnut beneficial to the brain's nutritional supplements, with the role of brain puzzle; walnut shape similar to the shape of the human brain, The role of the brain but I said that the shape of the shape is different from the secular meaning of the human brain is like this long, why this thing will grow like this? Walnut in the formation process, its genes will make it like The shape of the brain, in order to fill the shape of the brain is the formation of walnut kernel energy and some of our brain energy consistent, that is to make the walnut formation of energy (nutritional structure) makes it just like the human brain This shape, the real meaning refers to the nutritional content of food brain absorption fast. We eat a lot of food, which contains some of the ingredients on our brain, the body also have help, but said a variety of nutrient absorption varies. This is because the various nutrients in food when absorbed by the body, each other will affect each other, some ingredients will hinder the absorption of other ingredients, and some have the role of promoting the absorption of other ingredients. In terms of walnut composition, it has many nutrients that benefit the growth and development of the nervous system, and these ingredients have complementary effects in the brain's absorption process, so they can be absorbed and utilized by the brain quickly and effectively replenish The purpose of brain nutrition. This should be the shape of the shape of the true meaning of Bunao.

3. Walnut beauty extraordinary effect

Can nourish the skin, people white and tender, especially the elderly skin aging should eat more. Walnut can also anti-aging, the treatment of neurasthenia of the adjuvant, can delay the memory decline. Walnut contains vitamin E, can make cells from free radical damage, is recognized by the medical industry anti-aging substances, so walnut "long live", "longevity fruit," said.

4. treatment of cholelithiasis

The pyruvate contained in the walnut can prevent the binding of mucin and calcium, non-binding bilirubin, and can dissolve, dissipate and excrete. Therefore, patients with cholelithiasis, may wish to insist on eating walnut every day, it is possible to remove the pain of surgery. Similarly, walnut can also be used to treat urinary stones.

5. Prevention and treatment of neurasthenia

Walnut can act as a therapeutic agent of neurasthenia, for often dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, forgetfulness, general weakness, daily morning and evening to eat 1-2 walnut, can play a certain role in prevention and treatment.

6. Anti-inflammatory sterilization

Walnut oil squeeze oil, with convergence, anti-inflammatory, inhibit the role of exudation and itching, can be used for the treatment of dermatitis, eczema, have a good effect.

7. Eat walnut is also good for the heart

Walnut has a variety of unsaturated and single unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce the cholesterol content. So eat nuclear walnut on the human heart has some benefits.

8. To prevent white hair

Walnut because of high fat content, can make weight thin people gain weight; rough skin, dry people become moist and delicate smooth, flexible; for the early white hair, there are hair fat, Runfa role. At the same time, there are kidney (rule kidney deficiency back pain) intestines (governance spleen and stomach weakness), strengthen the foot, the role of waist strength, for postpartum women's physical function, so it is also a good "brain food."

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