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Use of walnut trees

Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
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Use of walnut trees

Use of walnut trees

Hickory tree tall, branches erect, leafy trees, more than a semicircle, with strong intercept of smoke, the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and purify air, trees or ornamental tree species commonly used at home and abroad.

Hickory wood quietly elegant color, decorative pattern beauty, texture fine toughness, pleasant after polishing luster, and can be infected with all sorts of color, is building advanced furniture, military supplies, the excellent material of high-grade goods packing and instrument, as a result, many countries attach great importance to the cultivation and use of trees. The root system of walnut tree is developed and widely distributed. It can solidify large areas of soil, mitigate surface runoff, and prevent erosion and erosion.

The leaves of walnut tree can be used as fodder after air drying, and because it contains a variety of chemical components, it has certain medical value, commonly used to treat wounds, skin diseases and gastroenteric diseases. Trees except for wood burning branches, in recent years has proved that it has medical USES, such as branches after cooked eggs together to eat eggs, or branches for making liquid solani nuclear kwai injection made of all the grass, such as cervical cancer, thyroid cancer have different degrees of curative effect.

The qingpi leach solution can control the weevil and aphids. The residue contains nutrients such as protein and can be used for animal feed. The walnut shell can be used to make advanced activated carbon, or used in linoleum industry and stone polishing. It can also be ground to make fertilizer. In summary, the walnut tree is a whole body is a treasure.

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