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Walnut notes

Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
Good quality Sinkiang Walnut Kernels for sales
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Walnut notes

Walnut notes

Walnut notes


1. Because walnuts contain more fat, eating too much at a time will affect digestion.

2, some people like to peel off the brown thin skin on the surface of the walnut kernel. This will lose part of the nutrition, so do not peel off this layer of thin skin.

3, should be appropriate, long-term, adhere to the use of: walnut fat contained, although it is conducive to the removal of cholesterol, unsaturated fatty acids, but the fat itself has a high calorie, if too much food can not be fully utilized, it will Being stored as cholesterol by the human body is counterproductive. In general, the weight of walnuts taken every day should be about 20-40 grams, which is equivalent to about four or five walnuts. At the same time, other fat intakes should be appropriately reduced to avoid excessive calorie intake.

4, walnuts are flaming, contain more oil, eat more will make people get angry and nausea, are getting angry, people with diarrhea should not eat.

5, eat four walnuts a day, you can treat gallstones.

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