185 Walnut Inshell For Sale

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Suguo International proudly presents the finest Chinese walnut variety – the 185 Walnut Inshell.

These in-shell walnuts have secured their position as the top-selling product in China, renowned for their soft and thin shells, boasting an impressive kernel yield of up to 65%. With a diameter not less than 32mm, these exceptional walnuts are cultivated in Xinjiang, China, a region blessed with over 12 hours of daily sunshine and a water source primarily derived from the melting ice in the majestic mountains.

Our commitment to quality begins with sourcing first-hand walnut resources directly from Xinjiang, home to the largest orchard in China. Every step of the processing journey, from meticulous peeling to thorough drying, efficient crushing, precise separation, and secure packaging, is diligently controlled. This rigorous oversight ensures that our products consistently meet the highest standards, guaranteeing satisfaction for our valued customers.

185 Walnut Inshell for Sale

A testament to the excellence we uphold at Suguo International. We invite you to explore and experience the premium quality of our walnuts, cultivated in the ideal conditions of Xinjiang. As we extend our offerings to the global market, Suguo International warmly anticipates establishing close business relationships with friends from all corners of the world. Your trust in our products is the foundation of our success, and we look forward to serving your walnut needs with dedication and distinction.


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