• Q Have you got any qualifications?

    A Besides the basic Food business license, we built HACCP managing system and have HACCP certificate, ISO22000 certificate, we have our own laboratory for regular basic testing and also do third party inspection from SGS. 
  • Q Have you ever been to some major foodstuff shows?

    A Yes, we attend some well-known exhibitions like Gulfood in Dubai and Anugua in Cologne, Germany. also Canton Fair in Guanzhou, Asia-europe Expo in Urumchi
  • Q Can do do tailored packages?

    A Common packages for walnut inshell are 25kg pp bags, the sacks can be plain or printed. bigger and smaller sized sacks will be easily customized too if there is need.  
    As for kernels, most popular packs are 5kg vacuum bags, 2bags per carton and 10kg or 12.5kg vacuum bags, one bag in one carton; cartons will be plain white or brown color with labels, we can also do printed carton and different kgs vacuum bags. 

  • Q Your rate is bit higher compared to some other suppliers.

    A We never deny that prices of walnuts in the market are mostly uneven, yet we do huge amount walnuts every year and we are always following the change of walnut market, our prices will be most resonable for us to survive from tough market competition. Besides, it is true that some small operators based at cottages have bit better prices, because they dont invest on quality control, no laboratory, no HACCP system, no computerized color sorting machine, no health control system, if to save a bit on product price and pay times loss on quality problem, believe it is not a wide option. most of the time, small operators can hardly guarantee the quality stability and safety.

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