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  • 2021-02-24

    Dahuo Walnut Inshell Suppliers

    Dahuo Walnut Inshell is a traditional sort of walnut Cultivated in Xinjiang China which has a favorable price. The sizes are big and shell hard to crack. Its average weight is 16 gram with kernel rate 52%. Majority Kernels from Dahuo are milk yellow or light amber, light colored kernel proportion is small, less than 20%.

  • 2021-02-22

    YunNan Walnut Inshell Supplier

    YunNan Walnut Inshell is planted in YunNan, China. It has the features of Oblate spherical shape, coarse shell surface with scored points, not easy to clean; yet the kernel has light color and less bitterness with good taste.

  • 2021-02-19

    33 Walnut Inshell Manufacturer

    33 Walnut Inshell is big sized walnut Inshell planted in Xinjiang, China. It has smooth shell with an average kernel rate of 51%. The big size and good looking appearance make it crazily loved in market selling, it’s also easy to get half kernels though the shell is a bit hard to crack.

  • 2021-02-05

    XingFu Walnut Inshell For Sale

    XingFu Walnut Inshell is another type walnuts planted in Xinjiang, China. It has coarse shell with an average kernel rate of 52%. Best cost performance is the typical feature of such walnuts, it’s easy to get half kernels though the shell is a bit hard to crack.

  • 2021-02-03

    Xin2 Walnut Inshell China

    Xin2 Walnut Inshell is extensively cultivated in XinJiang, China. It’s among the best sellers for its smooth and good-looking shell like pebbles. Though the kernels look smaller in size, the colors are light and tastes nice. It’s known as a gourmet foodstuff.

  • 2021-02-01

    185 Walnut Inshell Manufacturer

    185 Walnut Inshell is most famous walnut brand in China well known for its soft thin shell and high kernel rate. The shell is soft enough to be cracked by hand, kernel rate reaches 65±2%. These features make it value added products and become favored in the market. Besides, planted in XinJiang area with longer sunshine time and pollution free environment, 185 walnut has superb quality, its reputation comes naturally from real distinction.

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