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Xin2 Walnut Inshell

Xin2 Walnut Inshell is extensively cultivated in XinJiang, China. Xin2 Walnut Inshell has a nice pebble-shaped shell that is smooth and clean; good taste; fine grains; thinner shell; and lighter color walnut flesh.

Grown in Xinjiang, China, xin2 walnut inshell is well known for its elegant shape and smooth shell, it has nice taste and crisp mouth-feel, close to Chandler walnut, xin2 is famous worldwide too.

Product Name Xin2 walnut//New2 walnutCropLatest
Caliber Size 30mm+,32mm+Kernel rate 53±2%
Origin Xinjiang, ChinaQuantity per kg 84±3pcs
Shelf life 24monthsStorageCool and dry place
Container capacity 9500kg/20ft; 22000kg/40ftHQShell thickness 1.5-2.0mm


1、Smooth and clean shell

2、Good looking cobblestone shape

3、Nice taste and slim kernels

4、Light color meat

5、Thin shell, easy to crack

6、Jumbo size, 30mm+, 32mm plus caliber

7、ISO 22000, HACCP certified

     SGS inspection on Aflatoxin, heavy metals

8、Customized packages

9、Xinjiang has much longer sunshine time (annual sunshine time max 3200-3500hours) and pollution-free soil, tress are fed by glacial melt water, all these conditions result in its superb quality.

Walnuts suppliers to China

Suguo international is one of the biggest walnut suppliers in China, we have two factories in North China with a total annual supply ability of 20000tons. Suguo walnuts have been supplied to both inland China and overseas countries, we have exported them to Pakistan, Syria, Holland, Georgia, Sweden, Egypt, Russia, Israel, etc.

To supply premium and healthy walnut products, we have built a HACCP system and reached ISO 22000 standard, we have our laboratory and inspection department to make sure each batch of products meets certain standards and satisfies our customers.

Prefession comes from concentration


新2Xin 2 walnut

Smooth shell

Slim good-looking shape

185 185 walnut

Highest yield

Paper-thin shell


Yunnan walnut

Most light color kernels

Good price

幸福 Xingfu walnut

Good shell seal

Competitive price

33 33 walnut

Biggest size

Round good-looking shape

北方Liaoxi walnut

High quality and inexpensive

Part2:Walnut kernel

Category Shell thickness Yield Percentage of light color kernels
185 walnut 0.8-1.2mm 61% 70
Xin 2 walnut
1.5-2.0mm 51% 70
Xingfu walnut 1.7-2.3mm 50% 60
33 walnut 1.7-2.3mm 51% 60
Yunnan walnut 1.5-2.2mm 52% 90
Liaoxi walnut 1.7-2.4mm 50% 70







Located in Hebei province near Capital Beijing, Suguo international pours all her energy into one single product that is walnut. As subsidiary of a group company, Suguo is specially committed to export business with two factories named Litong and Lexiang foodstuff with total annual production ability 12000MT walnut kernels and 25000MT walnut inshell. 


Native China business started from beginning of year 2010, export business started from year 2017, up to now Suguo walnuts have been supplied to over 24 countries worldwide such as Morocco, UAE, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Russia, Sweden, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Singapore, Hungary etc.Average annual sales of thousands of tons.


Labors of our two factories reach a number of 260, peak time of on season total workers will be more than 450, since China does hand cracked walnuts, so cracking work is done by labors instead of machines. While the selecting, cleaning and packaging job will be done by separators, dedusting machine, color sorter machine and Vacuum packaging machine, then by labors for double checking. 

Our workers are experienced and well trained to do qualified work, and periodic physical examination is a must, every worker needs to get health certificate and before enter the workshop, they finish hand washing and disinfection, then dress uniforms. Our research and development department also keeps working on different kinds of packages and new products study, walnut edible oil and sugar coated walnut meat will be likely to appear on the market in near future.


Foodstuff is very important for human health and life security, sanitation and quality control is of great importance, we built HACCP management system and reached ISO 20000 standard with professional QC department and our own laboratory to do whole process monitor, besides we also do third party tests through SGS like Aflatoxin, heavy metal and pesticide residues to further guarantee quality standard.



To further expand global market and get in touch with more global esteemed foodstuff companies, we regularly attend different exhibitions like Canton fair, Asia-europe Expo, Anuga and Gulfood. Our mission is BRING SUPERIOR RAW MATERIALS TO WHO NEED THEM SAFELY; our vision is TURN EVERY CUSTOMER INTO PARTNERS AND GET ON WELL WITH EACH TO REALIZE WIN-WIN BUSINESS. We sincerely wish to establish solid business relationship with you from now on to enjoy the fun of friendly cooperation.  


Packing & Delivery



Q1:Whats’s the price of your walnut inshell?

A1:Walnut inshell we do includes washed and unwashed types, caliber sizes 28mm+, 30mm+, 32mm+ and even 34mm+, famous sorts are 185, xin2, 33, xingfu and Yunnan type, prices depending on the exact type you need and quantity. for example, unwashed 185 with caliber 32mm+, then we would be able to offer the exact rate easily and clearly to save you time.

Q2. What’s the price of your walnut kernels?

A2:Similar to walnut inshell, our walnut kernels are divided into different color group and sizes group. Extra light, Light and Amber colors; Halves, quarters, broken pieces and crumbs sizes are used for different purpose. regularly requested ones like ELH (Extra light halves), LAP (Light amber pieces) will be symble of a specific product.

Q3. What is your minimum order?

A3:As whole sale business, our MOQ is 5MT, it is better choice to take at least of a 20ft container at a time, since LCL way for foodstuff is risky and not easy to handle the timeliness and shared container may cause cross infection with rest goods being carried together, further more, whole container loading will save some freight and reduce cost.

Q4. Where are you located?

A4:We are situated in one of the main north China walnuts cradles, Hebei Province, it is 4 hours drive from Capital Beijing. we also have processing base in Xinjiang, where best quality Chinese walnuts are planted.

Q5. Are you factory or trader?

A5:we are group company with two factories and one exporting branch, unlike trading various products, our exporting branch only do one product, that is walnut.

Q6. How many countries and regions has your company exported to?

A6:Up to now, we have supplied walnuts to over 20 countries worldwide, such as UAE, Egypt, Russia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Hungary , Turkey, India, Nepal, Sweden, Pakistan, Lebanon, Singapore, Iraq, Syria, Iran etc.

Q7. Your rate is bit higher compared to some other suppliers?

A7:We never deny that prices of walnuts in the market are mostly uneven, yet we do huge amount walnuts every year and we are always following the change of walnut market, our prices will be most resonable for us to survive from tough market competition. Besides, it is true that some small operators based at cottages have bit better prices, because they don’t invest on quality control, no laboratory, no HACCP system, no computerized color sorting machine, no health control system, if to save a bit on product price and pay times loss on quality problem, believe it is not a wide option. most of the time, small operators can hardly guarantee the quality stability and safety.

Q8. Can do do tailored packages?

A8:Common packages for walnut inshell are 25kg pp bags, the sacks can be plain or printed. bigger and smaller sized sacks will be easily customized too if there is need.  

As for kernels, most popular packs are 5kg vacuum bags, 2bags per carton and 10kg or 12.5kg vacuum bags, one bag in one carton; cartons will be plain white or brown color with labels, we can also do printed carton and different kgs vacuum bags.

Q9. Have you ever been to some major foodstuff shows?

A9:Yes, we attend some well-known exhibitions like Gulfood in Dubai and Anugua in Cologne, Germany. also Canton Fair in Guanzhou, Asia-europe Expo in Urumchi.

Q10. Have you got any qualifications?

A10:Besides the basic Food business license, we built HACCP managing system and have HACCP certificate, ISO22000 certificate, we have our own laboratory for regular basic testing and also do third party inspection from SGS.

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