Between The Light And Darker Walnuts

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The light and darker walnuts,The difference is more than just color. With each color variation also comes a range of flavor components. Here is a quick rundown of some of the differences between these light and darker walnuts:

Light Walnuts:

Earthy notes;Mild flavor;Subtle tannins;Widely available.

1.Toasted in baked goods and breads

2.Pureed for dressings and sauces

3.Chopped for butter crusts

4.Blended for walnut milk

5.Sprinkled on salads

Light Amber Walnuts:

Robust flavor;Smooth/round tannins;Slightly sweet finish;More economical choice.

1.Ground/chopped as a component of an authentic-looking meat replacement

2.Toasted and puréed for soups

3.Complement to rich chocolate desserts

4.Puréed for spreads and sauces

5.Finely chopped for crusting/frying


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