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As a brown walnut kernels Manufacturer, share with you.


Brown Walnuts kernels Are Known As Amber Color Walnuts Because They Are Little Darker Than Normal Varieties You See In The Market But They Are Equally Nutritious And Healthy. These Varieties Are The Largest Seller In Bakeries Across The Globe But In India We Only Look For Lighter Color.

The brown walnut kernels price is determined by the quality of the product which is based on the fresh or old product the degree of filling of the brain as well as the color of the walnut.

Therefore , in buy walnut kernels , you need to make a detailed request with your supplier when inquiry inventory and price . The brown walnut kernels price offers you the right quality product according to your requirements and needs .

Note the quality parameter in addition to the price . Do not make mistakes on your choice . Getting samples before buying major can helpyou succeed in your major purchases .

Our company also has brown walnut kernels on sale, welcome to contact us.


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