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As a Butterfly Walnut Kernel Manufacturer, share with you.

Usually walnut butterfly buy for immediate consumption. Butterfly is walnut kernel divided into two equal parts and selected manually. In this case 90-95% of the nut - a butterfly whole, the remaining 10% - halves with size 2/3 of the standard halves. 

A quarter of a walnut is half a butterfly. Most of the mixture is made up of quarters separated by parts of the walnut kernel, but about 10% of the slightly larger parts are allowed. According to the standard, the walnut of this category should remain on the surface of the sieve with holes of 8 mm or less.

Walnut Kernel, Walnut in Shell, Nut manufacturer / supplier in China, offering butterfly walnut kernel for Ingredient of Food,  Walnut Kernel, Walnut in Shell and so on.

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