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Walnut Kernels Description:

Walnut kernel contains linolenic acid, calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is an ideal skin beauty agent for human body.

Walnut Kernel Walnuts can be eaten raw or roasted. Oil can be exracted from them and they are also widely used in pastries and sweets. They are not only delicious, but also highly anti-inflammatory, which make them the best healthy food choice for the beauty conscious.


Walnut kernels are rich in iodine, which very well affects the effective work of the brain. They also have many useful microelements that stimulate the work of the brain. The shape of the nuclei reminds us of this. Everyone knows that nuts very well affect potency and contain a lot of vitamin E. In times of famine, thanks to walnuts, many families survived. A plentiful amount of protein, fats, vitamins and trace elements in walnuts, was enough for a full-fledged human diet in extreme conditions.


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