The Benefits Of Eating Walnuts

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With its rich nutrition and its unique flavor , walnut is known as "the king of four nuts ". The nutritional value of the walnutis good to the brain , maintain for life and beauty . Eating walnuts is good to kidney , liver , lung , bones and other functions. 

Women who often eat walnuts can make health development of fetus when they are pregnacy . It has positive function in preventing high blood pressure , Coronary heart disease and vascular thrombosis , atherosclerosis and other disease .

Walnuts are full of beneficial vitamins and minerals that promote overall health.

   ⚫  Walnuts are High in Protein

   ⚫  Walnuts are an excellent source of protein

   ⚫  Walnuts are a Vegan Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

   ⚫  Walnuts Contain High Amounts of Fiber

   ⚫  Walnuts are High in Phosphorus

   ⚫  Bioavailable Vitamin B6


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