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Walnut kernels in pieces normally we have sizes 8-12mm and 12-16mm, other sizes of kernel pieces can be customized.

Portions of Walnut kernels; and contains small pieces of Walnut kernels. Walnut pieces are good for Baking and snacking. Good for home bakers and the product is from the new crop of Walnuts ensuring No Bitter Kernels.

The roasted and caramelized walnut pieces can be used in ice cream, pastries, marmalade and for chocolates. They give your creations a nice crisp bite.

1.Name: Walnut kernel pieces

2.Processing: Raw

3.Harvest month: August to September

4.Color: Light

5.Grade: AAA

6.Size: 1/4 light quarters

7.Style: Dried

8.Cultivation Type: Common

9.Origin: China

10.Storage Methods: Cool and dry place without direct sunlight

11.Shelf Life: Under the Above Conditions 12 Months


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