What are the nutritional value of walnut?

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With its rich nutrition and its unique flavor , walnut is known as "the king of four nuts ". The nutritional value of the walnut is good to the brain , maintain for life and beauty . Eating walnuts is good to kidney , liver , lung , bones and other functions. Women who often eat walnuts can make health development of fetus when they are pregnacy . It has positive function in preventing high blood pressure , Coronary heart disease and vascular thrombosis , atherosclerosis and other disease .

1) it is produced in aksu wensu county, which is known as "the hometown of walnut in China". It is bathed in the sun with high intensity all year round and irrigated with snow water from tianshan mountain.

2) cultivation of natural weak alkaline sandy soil, temperature difference between day and night above 10°, nutrient composition precipitation;

3) organic farm fertilizers, cultivated in the original ecology, without bleaching.

4) fruity, nutty, edible without tools, thin skin can be broken by hand.

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