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The shell encloses the kernel or meat, which is usually made up of two halves separated by a partition. The seed kernels – commonly available as shelled walnuts – are enclosed in a brown seed coat which contains antioxidants. The antioxidants protect the oil-rich seed from atmospheric oxygen, thereby preventing rancidity.

This product contains just halves. The quality of walnut is remarkable by the fact that contains only halves, divided in 3 categories: light, amber, dark amber. 

Our Mission

We get first hand walnut resource from China’s biggest orchard Xinjiang, from dehulling to drying, cracking, separating and packing, every step of processing is under control, so that we can guarantee the qualified products to meet per of your needs, Suguo international sincerely look forward to establishing a close business relation with friends worldwide!

Unmatched Quality of China Walnut Kernel Halves

At our esteemed establishment, we take immense pride in offering walnut kernel halves of unparalleled quality. Our China Walnut Kernel Halves undergo a meticulous selection process to ensure that only the finest halves make their way into our customers' hands. From their perfect shape and size to their exquisite taste, these kernels are the epitome of culinary excellence.

Why Choose China Walnut Kernel Halves?

  1. Premium Quality: Our walnut kernel halves are known for their premium quality. Each kernel is carefully inspected to meet our rigorous standards. With their consistent size, shape, and color, these halves are perfect for creating visually appealing dishes and ensuring an even distribution of flavor.

  2. Rich Nutty Flavor: The China Walnut Kernel Halves offer a rich and distinct nutty flavor that enhances a wide variety of recipes. Whether you're using them in baking, cooking, or enjoying them on their own, these kernels add a delightful taste that elevates your culinary creations.

  3. Versatile Usage: The versatility of our walnut kernel halves allows you to explore endless culinary possibilities. They can be used as a topping for salads, added to baked goods for a delightful crunch, incorporated into stir-fries or grain bowls, or even enjoyed as a wholesome snack. Let your imagination guide you as you unlock the full potential of these versatile halves.

Elevate Your Culinary Creations with China Walnut Kernel Halves

Discover the countless ways you can incorporate our China Walnut Kernel Halves into your culinary repertoire:

1. Baking Delights

Enhance the flavor and texture of your baked goods with our premium walnut kernel halves. From classic walnut cakes and pies to cookies and muffins, these halves add a delightful nuttiness and satisfying crunch that will take your creations to the next level.

2. Savory Delicacies

Add a touch of elegance to your savory dishes with our China Walnut Kernel Halves. They can be used as a topping for salads, roasted vegetables, or grain bowls, providing a pleasant crunch and nutty flavor. Incorporate them into your favorite stir-fries or use them as a key ingredient in stuffings or meatballs for a delightful twist.

3. Wholesome Snacking

Enjoy our China Walnut Kernel Halves as a nutritious and satisfying snack on their own or combined with dried fruits and other nuts. Packed with essential nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, these halves offer a wholesome option for your snacking pleasure.

Order Your China Walnut Kernel Halves Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your culinary creations with the exceptional quality of our China Walnut Kernel Halves. Place your order today and indulge in the rich flavor and versatility that these halves bring to your dishes. We guarantee your satisfaction and are dedicated to providing you with the best walnut kernel halves that will enhance your culinary delights.


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