The Origin Of Walnut Sauce

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Originally walnut sauce was called agliata bianca, agliata with walnuts, or savore di noci e aglio. Its origins are rooted in the trade of the Genoese with the East. In fact, in Persia and the Balkans, there is a similar version used to season boiled meats.

Walnut sauce was already known to the ancient Persians, and over the centuries its use spread to Oriental and Balkan cuisine.

According to the original recipe, the walnuts were pressed in the mortar along with garlic, parsley and bread that had been dipped in milk.

Walnut sauce is traditionally used in Ligurian cooking to provide a contrast to the bitter herb filling of the classic pansoti pasta. It’s now found throughout Italy, with its unique flavor bringing a delicious new dimension to countless recipes. Like pesto, walnut sauce is known for its versatility.

This  walnut sauce hails from Liguria, often being prepared to dress gnocchi and pasta or simply served as a dip or spread. The rich, creamy flavour makes it perfect for colder weather and it can be made in minutes.


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