What are the functions of Walnuts?

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Walnuts are a nutrient-dense healthy snack, with delicious nutty flavor, walnut halves are the ultimatenuts, and they are favored by all ages, It’s a high quality baking material in kitchen and widely used in many recipes. Our dried walnut nuts are selected from high quality walnuts in shell, organicallygrow in China, pick after they natural matured and then dried by sun& air with no additives.

The kernel of a walnut contains 45–77% of fats, 8–21% of proteins, vitamin B1, pro-vitamin A, has a very high nutritional value and excellent taste, which allows it to be used both for medical purposes and in cooking. The shelf life of whole nuts - no more than a year, peeled - no more than six months, subject to the storage conditions. All our nuts are grown and processed in Ukraine. Complies with GOST and UNECE DDP-02. Ecologically clean. It has a pleasant non-tasteful flavour. Moisture content up to 6-7%. All products are thoroughly dry and free of third-party items, free from insects and pests.

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